Get That YES!

Learn How To Consistently Book Yourself On Any Podcast You Want

This program is FOR YOU if you're already an established entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker, consultant, agency owner, done-for-you service provider, or coach and are ready for more visibility, recognition, and leads.

This program is NOT for you YET if you don't have an established business or recognized expertise in your field. If you are ready to build that quickly with top-tier support, my friend Marisa Murgatroyd can help you turn your vision into a profitable business within 10-weeks, and she guarantees it. Once you have an established business or practice, you'll be ready to come back and enroll into Get That YES!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 30-minutes+ per day for 10-days

The 10 lessons in this program will be delivered LIVE over the course of 10 days. Each lesson itself will be taught within about 15-minutes, followed by dedicated time for Q&A. Challenge Steps are assigned during each lesson for you to complete on your own time and are designed to take about 15-minutes each. Please note that everyone comes with unique gifts and graces so you may need more or less time to complete your challenge steps.

Best Practices: While this program can be completed in about 5-hours, remember that we get back what we put out. It's my strong recommendation that if you really want to see results from this program, budget to invest one-hour per lesson (including the time for completing your Challenge Step) and really engage with the material and the group.

Course Instructor

Nicole Holland Nicole Holland Author

Nicole Holland is the secret weapon innovators, disruptors, and thought leaders turn to when they want to increase their visibility, credibility, and profitability. She has been named in the Huffington Post as one of “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017”, featured in multiple publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, where her podcast was recognized as one of the “48 Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs” to listen to, and has been interviewed on over 100 trending podcasts. Nicole is passionate about helping kick-ass companies and brands finally get the recognition they truly deserve!

Get That Yes!