Rockstar Freedom™

It's Time To Step Up, Step Out, & Finally Enjoy The True Lifestyle FREEDOM You Started This Business For In The First Place!

Think about that for a moment… Can you even remember your dreams from back then?

Back before things got real. When all of your dreams, desires, and inspired enthusiasm let you know that you're meant to do big things. That you're MEANT to be seen. That you're meant to share your gifts and messages with the world. That you are a LEADER!

Maybe that vision got lost in the day-to-day reality of life. Or maybe it hasn't and you're finally ready to do what you love and enjoy the barrage of attention you'll get when you open up the door to REALLY being seen in the public eye.

With adoring fans who celebrate everything you do… With first-class employees who go above and beyond as if your company were their own… With perfect customers and dreamy clients that you love supporting through your products and services… With “pinch-me-now” partners, friends, and mentors happily supporting you simply because of WHO YOU ARE.

Then you're ready for Rockstar Freedom™

You're ready to live the good life. You're ready to live the easy life. You're ready to live the dream!

Where your business is generating revenue around the clock, running on auto-pilot, and you don't have to be in the trenches hustling day-after-day anymore.

Where you get to take time off for whatever you want, whenever you want, without worrying about what could go wrong.

That's Rockstar Freedom!

Where you get to pick and choose the interviews YOU want to do from invitations asking to feature you as the go-to leader in your industry on top podcasts and major mainstream media channels such as The Today Show, CNN, Fast Company, and more.

Where you get invitations to deliver keynotes, speak at retreats, speak at events and locations that light you up.

Rockstar Freedom means you're on top of the world and living your best life every day!

If you're ready to REALLY do it — it won't just happen overnight — and you're ready to take action steps with structured guidance and support, Rockstar Freedom™ from Nicole Holland is for you!

Course Information

Difficulty: Intermediate


Rockstar Freedom™ cuts right to the core of just what you NEED to know about leveraging publicity to make those dreams come true

This Course Is For You If…

✅ You have an online product or service-based business that you want to scale

✅ You want more traffic to your website and a consistent flow of pre-qualified leads

✅ You are an action taker who is committed to completing this course and following through with getting yourself / your brand high-quality, strategic publicity

✅ Your business and personal values go beyond just making money and include making the world a better place

Rockstar Freedom is a stand alone course that's broken down into easy to understand and simple to implement bite-sized steps that will help you get noticed and booked on podcasts, stages, TV, and more!

What are you waiting for?! Let’s get you booked!

This course is designed to be the LAST course you'll ever purchase for getting and leveraging Podcasts, TV News Segments, Major Publications, and all other types of Publicity to skyrocket your brand's visibility, credibility, and profitability into Rockstar status.

Rockstar Freedom™ cuts right to the core of what you NEED to know about leveraging publicity to get recognized as the Rockstar that you truly are, without all of the fluff and complications.